Don’t let your old watch go to the landfill

old watch how to recycle


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We take them apart completely, separating elements, grouping and disposing them according to the local law. We take them all – old mechanical Seiko’s or battery operated(quartz) Casio’s. 

Any brand – Seiko, Pulsar, Timex, Casio, Waltham etc. Wrist watches or pocket watches.

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We will try to fix them if they are in good condition and we have available spare parts. We also provide gears and other metal parts from mechanical watches to crafters who use them in modern jewelry making. We also use pocket watches to build study aid displays for schools.  

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Proper Disposal

We work with local recycling companies to dispose all the parts properly including lithium watch batteries.

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Send us your old watch today

We recycle any wrist watches and pocket watches. Any Seiko, Timex, Casio etc. Mechanical or Quartz.

 You can mail your watch or watches to us: We Recycle Old Watches 1 Victorian Ct Huntington, NY 11743


(631) 621-8782


Huntington, NY 11743